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Color changing LED light strings

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TRIKLITS are strings of color changing lights designed for decorative lighting. TRIKLITS use RGB LEDS and can display almost any color and brightness level. Internally they use 36-bit RGB color for very smooth dimming and color transitions (the external interface is 24-bit).

TRIKLITS come in a number of different forms, both the lights and controllers.

The first TRIKLITS product is a 1.65in (42mm) diameter ball that contains two RGB LEDs. The wire passes through the center of the balls so all the lights on a string will line up when used vertically. The spacing and number of lights per string can be varied by special order. Each Ball light uses about 25ma maximum power at 12vdc. The balls are waterproof and made from UV resistant polycarbonate.

TRIKLITS will also be available in tubes and other forms.



The Mini-Controller is an entry-level controller for displaying effects on a single string of TRIKLITS (up to 125 lights maximum). It can also be operated from a 4-button remote control.

Deluxe Mini-Controller

The Deluxe Mini-Controller is a controller for displaying effects on a single string of TRIKLITS (up to 500 lights maximum). It can use a 12-button remote control and has advanced settings.

Mini-Controller Protocol Description

For software developers, this describes the ENTTEC PRO compatible protocol for communication with the Mini-Controllers over USB.

IR Controller Instructions

Effects Controller (EC)

Our Effects Controller can be used for large lighting displays. The Effects Controller is a small box with an LCD display and rotary knob for the user interface. It can control up to 4200 lights, and handle 2D effects (matrices of lights). It has built-in effects and can also play effects from an SD card. Our supplied software can convert AVI video files to the format required on the SD card.

SD Card File Format

For developers, this describes the data format used on SD cards by the Effects Controller.

Converting video files to SD card format for EC

This page gives some info on a way to convert a video file to the format used by the EC.

Data Distribution board (DDB/DD16)

The DDB distributes power and data from the Effects Controller to individual light strings.

(Dumb) Ts

The standard T connector lets you connect two strings to one controller. The strings will operate in parallel and display copies of each other. For example, you can connect the ouput of an MC to a T and run two strings with the same effects. The T can also be used to inject power into a string when connecting multiple strings together. Power needs to be injected approximately every 80 lights or 80 feet (whichever comes first).

Copy Ts

The Copy-T is a small device you can add between segments of light strings. What it does is makes the second segment become a copy of the first segment. The tap on the T can be used for injecting power. For example, an MC can be connected to 100 lights, a Copy-T, another 100 lights, Copy-T, 100 lights, Copy-T, 100 lights, Copy-T, 100 lights. The MC would be set for 100 lights and each of the 5 segments of 100 lights would be copies of the first 100 lights. There is no limit to how many Copy-T's can be used as long as enough power is injected.

The Copy-T can only be used on the Mini-Controllers or the DDB. When used on a DDB it can only be used on the the first 3 outputs and the EC must be set for 1, 2, or 3 outputs per DDB.

Smart Ts

The Smart-T is a small device that lets multiple light strings be connected together and controlled independently. It can be used only with the DDB or the NDB. Multiple Smart-T's would normally be connected together, and the Tap of each one would be connected to a light string. For example, on one DDB output, you might connect 5 Smart-Ts together, and hang 5 strings of 20 lights from each Smart-T tap. This simplifies wiring and reduces the number of DDB/NDB outputs needed, especially when using many short light strings.

MP3 Player

The MP3 player is a small box that can play pre-recorded MP3 files and is DMX controllable. It is used along with the Effects Controller to synchronize lights with music.

Network Data Box (NDB)

The NDB is used to create large lighting displays that need to be controlled live by a computer system. The NDB can accept industry standard ArtNet protocol and our own DDP protocol and control up to 16 outputs of lights.

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