IR Controller Instructions

IR Controller Instructions

Remote Control

Remote Control Buttons

BLUE SECTION, top 8 buttons

POWER:  Turns lights on or off.
        The current effect is saved when Power is turned off and it will be restored
        after a power cycle.

SPEED:  Adjusts speed of effects.  Speed is indicated by a flash of light on the string.

DIRECTION:  The left/right arrow key sets the direction of some effects.

BRIGHTNESS:  Steps through different brightness levels.

MEMORIES: There are 3 memories for saving your favorate settings.
          Hit SAVE followed by M1, M2, or M3 to save in a particular memory.
          Hit only M1, M2 or M3 to recall that memory.

RED SECTION, bottom 8 buttons, preset color effects

E1-E8:   Pick an effect that uses preset colors (such as random colors or color wheels).

GREEN SECTION, middle 16 buttons, user-selectable color effects.

U1-U8:   Pick an effect that uses user-selectable colors.

The user can select up to 3 custom colors for effects U1-U8.  The colors are named C1-3.

You can select a color by pressing the color key C1-3, then using the UP or DOWN arrow
to step through a color wheel.  Release the arrow key when you like the color.  Or press
C1-3 followed by the DEL key to delete that color.  If all 3 colors are deleted, then 
effects U1-8 will pick random colors.  After picking colors hit U1-8 to see an effect.

SHOW buttons

SHOWU runs a show of effects U1-8 picking effects at random.

SHOWE runs a show of effects E1-8 picking effects at random.