Diamond Tower 2011, by Mark Lottor

A 40 foot tall rhombus shaped tower, consisting of 40 vertical strings of 60 lights on its outer surface (2400 lights).



The Diamond Tower is available for events around the world. It runs a pre-programmed loop of 30+ effects lasting over 45 minutes. It also has real-time control capabilities and the ability to scroll text messages.

It requires either one 120v 20A circuits or one 220v 10A circuit.

It can be assembled by 3 people in about 4 hours and taken down in 2 hours.

It packs into a shipping crate about 36"W x 82"L x 48" H and weighs about 1000 lbs.

It can be erected without any special equipment or cranes. It needs a footprint of 6x6 feet for the base, and 3 guy wires that are staked down 32 feet from the base.


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Diamond Tower at Beyond Wonderland 2011

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The Diamond Tower at Beyond Wonderland 2011